The Silver Comet 5k & Fitness Fest took place on November 26th, 2022 in Historic Downtown Rockmart, in the middle of Silver Comet Trail Fest. Event Scoring will appear below.

5k Overall Results

Event 2: DBall Loft it Up Fueled by City Cellar and Loft

Event 2 DBall Loft It Up fueled by City Cellar and Loft. Event Winners of the $40 Gift Certificates. Women Robin Luke and Men Kory Lindsey

Event 3: Row on Down The River fueled by River Remedy Brewing Co.

Event Winners of the $30 Gift Certificate to River Remedy Brewing Co. Women: Cristi Gober Men: Justin Ganes

Event 4: Lift Big, Carry Big, Big fueled by Macros Meal Prep Gourmet

Event Winners for the $20 Macros Gift Cards Men: Kory Lindsey Women: Robin Luke